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Mexico has been a very attractive alternative for immigrants from all latitudes, in search for freedom and better living opportunities.
Since the Spanish Conquest of Mexico in the sixteenth century jews arrived to these lands, but because of the presence of the Spanish Inquisition, they were forced to practice their judaism in secrecy or convert to the cristian faith, reasons why the blooming of a jewish community was not possible.
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Plaza santo Domingo
with the Inquisition building
(right hand corner of the square).
Print of García Cubas.

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Jewelry "La Esmeralda". Owned by
Mr. Hauser and Mr. Zivy.
Photo ref. "Judíos de Alepo en Mexico".

The next period in which there was a significant jewish presence not so much for the quantity but for their impact, was during Profirio Diaz's presidency (1877-1911) who made an invitation to the European immigration, making the arrival of jews, mainly of french descent, easier, and thus making it an important step in Mexico's progress. However, only few were interested in a formal jewish organization and therefore the majority returned to Europe or they became assimilated to the Mexican population.
It is this century's immigration which forms the backbone of the present jewish community. It began its integration during the first years with jews from Syria, Turkey and Greece primarily and grew during the third decade with Eastern European Jews...

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