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Other walking tours to get to know more about the jewish presence in downtown Mexico City:
estdav.gif (354 bytes) Colonia Roma (Roma neighbourhood) and its beautiful synagogues. Jews from arab countries moved to this nice, french style neighbourhood by the end of the 20's.


estdav.gif (354 bytes) Hipódromo-Condesa neighbourhood, with it's peacefull Mexico Park, where idish used to be the oficial language.


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Photo archive Manuel Taifeld.
estdav.gif (354 bytes) A journey through different districts to visit the first synagogues built in Mexico City.


estdav.gif (354 bytes) Jews in Colonial Mexico and the Inquisition.


estdav.gif (354 bytes) Also, courses and lectures combining walking tours with talking tours and slides that show other places we can't arrive because of time limitations.
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